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Ladies & Gentlemen Boys & Girls We present to you Our Online Store!

NOT just any online store but the online Shopping command center. Where not only Shopping & buying products but also offering our services & entertainment aswell. Our Center will be a positive place you can home everything you need and more..

WE are just accumulating Our structure to the business it self so be patient with us everything will be coming soon..

Thank YOU!!!!!!!



Founder / Co-Ceo

Young Foster Kid from Baltimore Grew up after dreams to be successful Being positive spreading love while manifestations comes in Bliss to those that's being positive in life

GSP Lawn Care service

Need extra Hands around the Yard? Well Don't be shy give us a call. We can do leaf & tree branch removal. Even with trash or junk also even need the Shed or barn clean out we can do it!!!

-- Leafs & tree branches 

-- Trash & Junk

-- Gutters Cleaned 

-- ETC....

Morals & Principles

 -Bishop & Christopher

2018 - 2023


We are a young Group of independent leaders of our own creativity. Originally came together in 2018 - 19'. We Didn't officially form together until 2023. Back in 2018 we had a lot of members but when covid hit it took a toll on everyone. Now newly reformed with solid foundation success is a sure victory staying positive.

2018 - 2019


We Came together all with similar struggles but very familair Goals & Dreams. Money it self never been why we formed its because of having multiple strings of income as a foundation can remotely free you from this economy while feeding generations. Our main goal stay positive 


What now? 

With the end of 2023 approaching i will have done this around late Oct early November. The new year will open all new doors and another year of experience and bliss moving forward. We are ready and prepared to uphold all the business attributes and abilities. Next year the start to newfound foundation.

Can stay in contact ;


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