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One Habit that should become your favorite ? No distractions, if you can take the time to cut out phones 📱, cut out sleep 💤, cut out entertainment weekends. You could be potentially anywhere in the world or anywhere with a financial situation.

7 hrs a sleep a year everyday is 2555 hrs = 106 days

5 hrs of phone time everyday is 1825 hrs =76 days

8-10 hrs of work everyday is 2920 hrs = 121 days

all numbers was atleast bare minimum the average person in America working that. Add that up that's 303 Days out 365 days in the year most your time in the spear spent on your phone,Sleep, work

Only average 60-65 days out the year you had free time you prolly wasted it being at entertainment or catching up on sleep 💎👎🏽

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As becoming great influence & Great leader it takes a lot of qualities about yourself to work on. I love my brothers for the hard work & dedication we took to get too the point we are now. Our goal for the Blog section is to share light of our inside insights of our journey. While we make our way to the top becoming successful business owners you will see our experiences that will we delighted to share to our loyal readers. For with out You remember this couldn't be possible so for our future generations too look back on this is our journey Daywalking.

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As the formation and the development of our business grows, we get more challenges to overcome. i treat them as lesson unjust to our cause only because we don't know. No longer will fear & turmoil stop us from staying positive to achieve anything we want.

We may have started out with a lot of people that didn't see the vision or didn't see the process it takes to overcome the obstacles the government gives us to face. So enough of how we to come through the mud & water.

let's prepare for the glorious embarks we are taking along on our journey for this truly is beginning of a new era.

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